Daisy Motif Execution Video Lecture – Popcorn Daisy Motif

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Hello ladies, I hope we will show to you today daisy motif construction. This beautiful daisy knit construction illustrated with video illustration is a very useful and very tasteful motif for women weavers. Formal daisy motif emerges in more fiber weave or knit baby blanket patterns in the model. As you can see in the video is very simple construction, but the image is just as real a lovely view of Daisy is available very tasteful.popcorn-daisy-motif

Our video is a video prepared by free speech but a Turkish lady. But construction is shown in a very easy way. I share a lot of the ladies said to you that I do not prepare myself. I do not make the mesh models and construction.

I love knitting but also from sharing model that I’m trying to do when I’m not very expert too. but of course it’s not that easy. I’m trying to answer the questions as much as I can from you. I Abiliyorumdur assist you. organ-daisy

Previously you knitted blanket models daisy motif as a baby blanket model I share. There were shown the roof construction with pictures pat. But there was no description of the video. Our daisy mesh model in this regard is very similar but not identical to that model. If you wish you can also make blankets model with daisy motif in this regard. daisy-patterned blankets

Dear followers, you get a blanket or scarf sharing site or another model. If you’re wondering the construction of a motif in one or do not know. Our site could have shown him the conduct of a similar model can make him baccarat. Stay tuned ladies in my next video will be associated with a knitting daisy motif.

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