You can make wonderful blankets with peacock pattern motif

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Hello Ladies welcome to the topic of making peacock model motifs you see in the picture. I am faced with an easy and enjoyable model I made for you. I will tell you step by step with all the details and knitting techniques in the context of the pictures. If you do not want to evaluate your rising yarn, make one of the different color combinations. We call the peacock model the name of the model because the peacock looks like the patterns on the top.

The butterfly wing motif can also be considered as this model resembles the motif of the eye shape on the wings of the butterflies. ( also Knitted butterfly motifYou can also look at. ) Our model can be used in a wide variety of areas from knitted blankets to pillow cases and seat covers. It will add a different style to the pattern because it is a rarity but not so beautifully elaborate knit motif that is not found everywhere.

You can use it to make motif blankets. I hope you enjoy it as I enjoy this peacock model motif. What do you say to get started?

Materials needed to make peacock motif model

– The colors we choose
– Our robots suitable for our wool
– Scissors
– Needle
– Ghost rope

Choose the color and thickness you want. The thickness of your threads is the same. Adding as many colors as you want

Expressive structure of our butterfly wing motif model
First stage; We are making a magic ring inside it with the tip of our fingers on the tip of our handrails are built on this ring after the process is finished when we take the pussy and there is no gap in the middle. Now that we have done our magic ring, we have come to fill the line here.

We make 15 2 liben 2 3 3 4 2 3 22 1 XNUMX We make a handbrake and take our middle finger firmly. There are XNUMX pieces in total, too. So our XNUMX motif is finished. Make fingerprints with your hands so that the motifs look nice.
Change your color and turn it into a row with 2 handrails. Of course, let’s not forget our tricky point. Do not forget to set 2 times at the same time, centering the short and long side of our motif. So 22 thread will be 24 thread.

We changed one more color. What is the tricky part of this? This time we base our increments on. We have 2 increments on the left and right of the places we have incremented, and we’ve also incremented in the middle of the places we continue without incrementing. 24 is our 35 thread.

I recommend you to prepare all your motives as much as this division. Because when you start to gather, you have grown to pieces.

And we are changing color again. This time we merge in our motifs Do not forget to place your motifs such as the picture, because the shape of the motif will guide you. Of course we have to increase again. This is not the intended model of our enhancements. And we’re starting 2 with the trailer to go on. 6 2 After the trailer, we make 2 2 3 times 2 2 2 3 12 2 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX We continue with XNUMX in the form of tarn.

We had a different rendezvous and we changed our technique a bit. As the stages progressed, the eye began to look more pleasant

One more time is over and the time for color change has come.Such colorful motifs are ideal for our newcomers, but as each sequence changes, the color changes and the probability of making mistakes is greatly reduced

We have added 14 number of pins and 2 number of pins in the same way. We continue to upgrade based on 16 li and 2 handrails we made in the past. This time we have the exact midpoint increase.

We upgraded to 2 2 and 2, and now 3 is 2 and 3 is 1. 2 chain together the scene. 3 pieces of 2 handrails are the same box, 3 pieces of 2 style, 2 pieces of 14 li are wrapped around a motif with XNUMX pieces of hooks and pins up to the end of the motif. We end this way and turn around the motif.

Now you’re saying this is the way it is. If you have the 2 option, you can either use the ghost rope, or you can combine it as in the picture below. If you do not use phantom rope, but you do not have 2 li barbarians, you are holding the exact middle part of the motif.


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