Knitting Pillow Making – Decorating with a Square Pattern

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, today I will share the decorative knitting pillow construction. You can design the finest wicker models for your home. You can make your own ornamental creeper very comfortable with decorative creel construction with detailed narrative that we will share with you.

It is now popular to design fashionable knitted cushion models with colorful weave technique in today’s fashion. I will teach you a very easy motif for making this knitted pillow. You can also use this model in woven padded sheaths and with a seat trim. This is the name of our crochet patternLady begged. With this motif you can make a very nice baby cushion by using suitable yarns. You can design a stylish knitted pillow and wiggle patterns for your Yada lounge suite.

Again, this lady ladies gentleman liked the crochet motif with a very nice blanket models you can do. Last week you guys like it but it’s simpler Square motif construction I shared. If you look at this topic, you can make various pillow cases with similar motifs.

We are the materials needed to make decorative knitted pillows.

Decorative weave pillow construction

  • Keeping thicknesses as important as you want
  • We are using 3
  • Scissors
  • Needle

The knitting techniques to be used in this knitting

  • Chain pull
  • Double handrails
  • Lashing frequent needle
  • Magic ring construction

Crochet making with crochet

Each residence description is under the picture. You can enlarge by clicking on the pictures.

Getting started with our model MAGIC RING TECHNICAL We implemented. Do not know our site KNITTING TECHNIQUES You can look at the section.

Decorative weave pillow construction

Let 3 chain draw and 3 pieces double handrails. Let 3 chain number 3 more double handrails. 3 chain call this way 4 pieces 3 pieces 2 li pieces 4 pieces get together
Decorative weave pillow construction

As you can see in the picture, pull the rest of your rope so that the gap is smaller.

Decorative weave pillow construction

With the help of my needle Needle finishing technique Let’s use.

Decorative weave pillow construction

The steps in the pictures are quite clear.

Decorative weave pillow construction

Our motif will look exactly like this mid-point.

2 by changing color. Let ‘s start our lease. 3 will be chain shots and this time we will have our intermediate chains where we have just started our example. We will build our motif in the spaces that are there. Each box is made of 3 pieces of double handrails 2 3 chain of 3 pieces of double handrails. For your intermediate chain, pull the chain 2.

Decorative weave pillow construction

Let’s use needle-to-needle finishing technique with the help of one’s needle.

Our motif will look like this. It’s clean, is not it?

Decorative weave pillow construction

3. We passed by. We will use our intermediate chains that we used earlier. 3 chain twin handrails made of 3 pieces.

Decorative weave pillow construction

We made 2 twin handrails with 3 chain. 2 pieces of intermediate chain and 3 twin handrails 2 twin handrails at right angles to make our turns easier as we come to the edge. Let’s circle around the motif of 3 double handrails at the same time.

In the final turn, we change color and repeat the steps we made earlier. So we will have our 1 motif.

Combining square motif

The important aspects of this section are the good faces of your motifs that you will use to look out the faces. Place the 2 motif so that one of the inverted faces faces one.

Combining square motif

Lashing frequent needle We combine the edges with.

Beware of combining every motif. It is important to combine all the motifs with the latest external environment.

As your outer circle turns, I will pass 3 2 li handles every time.

Pass the 4 pieces of double handrails in the form of two double lanterns at full junction points.


This is the front part of our decorative pillowcase model. You can try the combination of different colors here according to your own taste.

Let’s go to the back part of the front of our shirt is done in the same way as our model. The only difference is that our motifs are also 4. This part of our praises is that we have made your order in 21 order here. We changed every color in front of every row. We changed a color to 3 in the rear row.

You can use ghost rope in the edge seams.

The ladies came to the end of our expression of a weave pattern.


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