Knitting construction of strawberry model

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It is important to be drawn for each of the chains of strawberries. You, the pulling chains 4 for each strawberry motif, processing can begin.



For the first row, red ropes are used. Using this rope here, sank into the rolls of the chain should be withdrawn. This operation should be carried out three times, through the first chain with the second handrail must be filled with 5 times. The same procedure was repeated, respectively, of the loops should be completed in the awl.

  • For sequence, the loops are accumulated in the needle must be removed one by one on the head
  • Next, the use of green rope and must be taken 3 times a singles retreat. 2 with 3 times after pulling the handrail hills filled with all collected together. Again, the process is continued in this manner pull chain.
  • 4 using still green yl queue for individual stitches per row is taken up and return
    Row 4 with a single red rope made of strawberries and place the banister as well as the middle 2l are changed. This is the way the process is continued. Each new strawberries will be created when it is required to change the location as well.


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