Knitting Bracelet Making Picture Lecture – Knitting Bracelet How to make?

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Step rose motif braided bracelet made promotion

Hi ladies, I want to tell you a very nice knitting bracelet today. Every day I try to find different knitting models and make your own narration. And before you are wonderful Knitting gait construction I told you. You can also look at this topic.

As I said, you will see a very different kind of knit bracelet made with style and knitting style. In this braided bracelet model, there are very beautiful curved rose motifs on the edges of the wrist which are different.

It is the same with the rose motif in the knitting bracelet making yesterdayCrochet I told you ladies. You can see that.

Materials needed for knitting bracelet construction

Let’s say 5 over 1, the degree of difficulty of making knitting bracelet model.

  • Our hopes (we chose thin rope)
  • Our claws (2)
  • Needle
  • Scissors

For this knit bracelet construction, Chain pull ve To make a double banister Enough is enough. So it’s a model so easy to make.


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