Knitted Brooch Making – How to Make a Buttoned Flower Brooch Picture Illustrated

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Hello, ladies today Bracelet with floral motifI’ll tell you. For your children Braid cardigans ve Knitted vest models It will be a very nice colored bracelet model. Weave applique As if you were using your position as you can, by hooking pins or buttons Hand-made brooch models You can do.

You have a variety Examples of appliques withBraid brochure modelsYou can do. You can use this bracelet of brooches in handmade toads, knitted handbags, ornaments. Even if you tell me how to make the bride new African flower motif bag madeRead this and use this brochure in your bag.

As a material you can use any color cord in your hand now if you want our receivers to count

  • Rope (We prefer medium thickness ropes while we are preparing this subject.)
  • Our cigarette (we used 2,5)
  • Scissors
  • Button


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