How to Make Knitting Patterns – How to Make Knitting Patterns

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Hello dear lovers of knitting How to make a warp knitting model You are welcome to tell a great technique of weaving knitting that we will learn. How to make a lattice auger If you do not know and want to learn, you have come to the right place. Because you are here Auger models and constructions I’ll tell you. Also for the novice beginners Warp knitting models What are the differences between what, what are we confusing, what is difficult for us, I will talk about them.

For you Knitting techniques We are preparing a very detailed narration while we are telling a weave technique and we share the sub-techniques related to you. ExampleHow to make selanik braid I wonder if the person who comes to my site by searching on google should learn everything related to the construction of selanik knitting here. We thought that the site should not be visited. For you, we share explanations of knitting techniques accordingly.

How to make a twill weave pattern

How to make lattice auger and what are the tricky points?

Now let’s talk about how the helical weave pattern is made.

Twill weave And braid types are very mixed with each other. It’s basically the same thing. The difference is that the knitting models, which are two burgers, are called normal knitting or double knitting. We give youHow to make a double warp knitting We will tell him about it.

– Triple warp knitting The example of a hair braid is mentioned as. WeHow to make triple warp knitting (How to make a hair braid) we will tell him the next time.

– Twill weave model The replacement of a certain number of loops on the basis of the skewer, and the replacement of these loops as flat knitting.

– The number of these loops depends on you. You can create a thin or thick woven auger pattern by replacing the loops in the form of 2-2, 3-3, 4-4.

– When you are knitting, your warp knit pattern is knitted with plain knit, which does not matter what your main knit pattern is.

– On top of your knitting patternWarp knitting while Swatch example You have to make a different weave pattern before and after that so that the auger sample appears more clearly.

– For this it is usually around the edges Harosa Knitted or twisted knit pattern plain knitting Since the auger sample is wrapped with two rows purl Knit.

– Wise ladies Types of knitting augersformed. Various knitting techniques With different auger examples. We will share as many auger weave patterns as we can find in this matter.



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