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I would like to share with you the story of making ladies’ booties with picture narration. Ladies today is your position. It’s easy to make, but you’ll love making this ladies’ booty model with a very enjoyable design.

I hope that I will describe the patty making with crochet below as both illustrated and written explanations. If you do not know some crochet knitting techniques you need to use in the following description for female booty look at crochet knitting techniques.

Let’s go to the lecture section.

Materials for lady booties

  • We wanted the color and thickness of the rope (our rope was fine this time so we decided to use the 2 coat as our face and also we have the 2 color pad)
  • We used to fit our wits (we used 3 number woolen)
  • Scissors
  • Needle

Brick easy female boot

Under each picture there is a description of the picture and the narration of that level.

You can open the full size by clicking on the pictures.

Picture of easy female boot with crochet picture

I will share the template with you. You can easily remove these types of templates onto a square paper. He is very helpful to us on how to put it. We are a kind of map.

Here, “0” ring-shaped chain pulling operations. “+” Frequent needle ve The long plus “t” is the double handrailer.

Picture of easy female boot with crochet picture

Yes, we start our paddle right in the middle of the base. Please do not pull it too tight here. Because we have turns. If you take the chains too often you can not work comfortably.

We have 21 chains and 3 chains for the first time, and we made 2 pieces of the handrails in the same hole 8 li. This is our patrol. Then we proceeded by making 2 handrails in each hole.

We came to the end of the line so we made 6 2 handrails in the same hole and this time we made 1 handrails by sinking 2 times into each hole up to the foot. And we added one of the loops. The first row is finished with your hand in your hand that will look like the picture above.

Picture of easy female boot with crochet picture

2. We came back. We pulled the 3 chain and raised it.

Now we have our little pit stops here. It is easy for us to pay attention to them. Now we have 9 pieces of claws in total with nose section elevating chain. We always take the baskets. Now we are making 8 1 li handrails for the first two of our handrails which are 2 pieces.

3 cube 4 third 5 th and 6 nci Our handrails are made of 2 2 li handles and we enlarge the model. We are making 7 14 handrails including other 2 ci and eighth handrails. 14 after handrail 2 li not handrail Frequent needle We continue until we do not increase the heel part.

And without making an increase, we need to make a needle every time we hit each hole and we will continue to work like we do on the other side of our model, and we will continue to do 2 li handrails. And I will finish your 2 nci.

Your model will be indented like the picture, so your base is over.


Picture of easy female boot with crochet picture

We came to the last line of the floor. Change our genius. And let’s walk around the patio with the 2 handrail without making any holes. So the basal part of our patio was formed.

Let’s change the color and continue the path 🙂 We start from where the dock is near the ball. Because now our reductions will start and you will feel better and look better.

Picture of easy female boot with crochet picture

Continue as 10 hole 2 li handrails and 10 after handrail Collect 2 threads 2 e.g. Gather 2 2 e.g. Gather 2 2 e.g. xnumxtopl to 2 e.g. Gather 22 e.g. Gather 2 Why are we collecting?

Or you say what you mean to the ball. Gather when I say decrease We’re doing. We give way to our façade by reducing the increases we have made in the patio. Without doing so, we make each hole a 2 li handrail and end it with a bolt.

How’s it going ? Change color

After 10 handrails Collect 2 threads 2 e.g. Gather 2 2 e.g. Gather 2 2 e.g. xnumxtopl to 2 e.g. Gather 2 2 e.g. Gather 2 It is well established that the auxiliaries are very patriotic.

Continue this way until the end of the line.

Change the color. In this section Frequent needle We’ll use. 9 pieces 2 ignition frequent needle den Collect 2 threads 2 e.g. Gather 2 1 e.g. Gather 2 2 e.g. xnumxtopl to And we have to make our needles repeatedly until the end of the row, and one of our patties is being prepared.

Knitted flower motif made for knitting ladies’ bootie model

Picture of easy female boot with crochet picture

And we came to the last part, the decoration part. In this section you can visit our department of knitting techniques for these sconces, to force the limits of your imagination, in your hand ribbons, knobs,

Those who do not know how to use the magic ring for the nu section can access the magic ring making from the KNITTING TECHNIQUES section. As we fill in our magic ring, we draw 3 chains and start. 3 pieces 2 li after the handrail 2. We finish with. We pull 3 chain again and 3 2 li chain and repeat 3 chain. And we make 4 pieces.

Our first flower is finished, we can use 3 pieces as much as you want from this flower. Those who do not know how to make seed for the middle part of the flower KNITTING TECHNIQUES

It is also possible to use small pearl buttons in this part of the idea.

Picture of easy female boot with crochet picture

The lady knit hat is finished, now it’s worth it.

Come easy already Nice to see you again in another narrative

In the form of socks that I have previously told you Knitted boot You can look at.

This ladies ‘bootie was made by my babies’ Ciciler Örgü page.


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