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Made of baby blanket with crochet

Hello Ladies Ebruli iple baby blanket construction Welcome to your location. Both structured and narrative are quite enjoyable Knitted blankets project. There are plenty of pictures to tell you the stages of this knitted blankets can do with a loving construction Weave blanket construction it will be.

I hope that you have made an introductory introduction to such an event. I am doing deep research for you. I even expect you to send us the examples you want us to explain. Subscriber You can follow us and enjoy and share our illustrious pictorial knitting models that I have written for you.
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Ebruli whipped baby blanket construction








Embroidered blankets made of blankets The page will be described in detail. Up and down the page for narrationNEXT Press the buttons to continue the conversation.

What kind of weave models can we do with embroidery

First of all, we call it “intelligent rope” among the people who have spontaneous color change. In these intelligent threads certain colors repeat constantly. According to this rendition you can produce beautiful weave motif or weave model, we can produce wonderful weave models.

You can examine this position we have told you about making blankets from scratch and apply the expressions. We also use this pattern of weave motif we used for the blanket construction Marbled rope withSeat shawl, triangular shawl pattern, rectangular shawl, bedspread, decorative wrinkle patterns, knitting bag making, Fancy vest, bridal strap ve Dowry vestYou can use it in a wide variety of knitting jobs. The important thing is where you are going to use the rope selection.

Ebruli whipped baby blanket construction

What is the trick to make a mesh model with intelligent rope?

I especially like Ebruli ipten baby braidsI recommend you do it. Because it’s a great beauty. After Ebruli iple Vest models You can do. Embroidery weave patternsThe most important point of the mesh is to fit a mesh pattern suitable for the color change of the smart lap. To do this, first try out the models of the weave model you want to apply, small and large, in different sizes.

So in this position Ebruli iple baby blanket construction The color changes remain in the motifs so a color change ends in a motif. So you set your own knitting pattern. Another important thing to note when making marbling simple mesh models is the appropriate thread selection. e.gEbruli iple blanket modelsIf you are going to use it for baby wool in these models prefer.BridalIf you are going to use it, I would recommend you to use a more colorful and fancy rope.

Ebruli whipped baby blanket construction

Ebruli iple made baby blanket

This way we will work as a motif motif As you know from the above, Braiding techniques It is possible to look at different combinations of our department.

If you are new to the knitting business, it would be useful to leave the use of the mohair to the future. It is sometimes impossible to remove the mohair. If you have the same thickness in your home, you can easily consume this model.

Materials needed for smart blanket baby blanket construction

  • Rope (as I said before, we used ruffled mohair rope, you can also use ruffled rope, then I would recommend you to completely knock one of the motifs)
  • Tig 2,5 nolu cig
  • Scissors

We use crochet knitting techniques

Crochet knitting techniquesIf there is a technique you do not know Knitting techniques You should look at my page. We explained all the crochet knitting techniques in detail

  • The magic ring
  • Frequent needle
  • Lashing frequent needle
  • 2 li trabzan
  • 3 handrails
  • Chain pull

Intelligent blank blankets made

Five chain Let’s create the middle and the middle. Sixteen pieces Double handrails Let’s do it and unite it.

We made the center of our first ring and came to enlarge the queue

Five Chain drawing ve Let’s have a triple banister

Ebruli whipped baby blanket construction

Continue to cork job blankets

Sixteen Triple tripod Let’s do a chain plot for the intermediate chain and Three chain strings.

We continue to make crocheted blankets.

Now this is important. First Three chains Search previous chain One piece we took as a Tripod, One per lower pole Triple tripod I also fill in two boxes. Thus, five Triple banister Get up and sixth handrail We will not do it Frequent needle We will use the technique.

Ebruli whipped baby blanket construction

We make the petals of our flower motif for making smart baby bed blanket.

So we make the petals of our flower. As I told you at the beginning, five Triple tripodWe do and Sixth lantern Instead of making frequent injections.

You know that we pulled three chains in the first place. So for the last time we have our needle, then we add three chain figures and an initial chain, so that we have a tac toe.

Ebruli whipped baby blanket construction

For our intelligent baby blanket construction, we have a flower motif

We will make the outermost petals of our crochet flower motif.

Now we will work behind our motif, so turn the back of your motif and you will find the center of the petals Triple handrails I batala.

In the middle of each crown a handrail Three for interlace and interlace chain Let’s use.

We will make our petals on the chain that we passed.

Behind our motif will look like this. Now we will build our petals on our chains. We keep reading and go to the other page.

How to make a petal leaf for a flower motif?

Let’s start by pulling three chains and twelve Triple tripod let’s do. Again at the last connection point Frequent needle Let’s lock with. And finally, when you complete the sequence, the front of our motif will look like this.

We continue with the construction of baby blanket.

Let’s use a different color rope, and put two pieces on the center top of our crown Frequent needle era chain One intermediate chain gene two Let’s use needle frequently.

For the construction of the baby blanket, we have a different color circle around the flower motif.

Let’s go to the top of our ninth piece of intermediate chain and our second crown. Let’s use all of our petals. So we have a circle around our flower motif. This will be used as the connection point for the joining of the circled motifs we made with different color rope and for the edge carvings.

We combine the motifs we made for the baby blanket.

We are starting to combine our crochet flower motifs here. For this we use intermediate chains that we take in the middle of our needles, we do our consolidations.

Consolidated states of motifs

The combined state of the four motifs is shown below. The arrow on the left tells where to combine.

Ebruli iple made baby blanket

The intelligent baby blanket construction is over and we are making the edge.

We came together to combine our motifs March At this point Ebruli iple baby blanket construction almost done. Let’s just use the previous order in the margin chain But not for the ten-chain dial tone.

There are two pieces of corner Frequent needle Two intermediate chains two Frequent pinning let’s do

The edge of our braided blanket model is finished

Fifteen Insignia Shoot it. Let’s not draw chains in the intermediate parts.

In this section, you understand the basic rationale for edge margins. It is up to you to increase these orders as you wish. But take the exact middle vertices every time.

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The construction of the baby blanket is finished at the end

Take good care of yourself with your wishes to use this beautiful knitted blankets pattern on beautiful days.

If you want to learn knitting and we want to knit it on our site Knitting techniques Page. You can learn crochet techniques by studying dozens of knitting courses there.

There are also a number of techniques for knitting skins.


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