Crochet Work Square Motif Making | Motif Models And Its Construction

Knit-Embroidery-Tejer-Bordado 3 Kasım, 23:24'de eklendi

Ladies and gentlemen, we are together again today. This day’s post is a crocheted square motif constructionas can be understood from the title .  Everyone who understands the work of knitting is well aware that it is a motif that brings out a knitting work. If there is no motif, there is no weave. Therefore, weaving begins with making motifs first. I  wanted to share with you the images that teach crochet motif construction.

You will design wonderful knitting work by creating your own models and combining these motifs later thanks to crocheted square motif construction . Or you can do a number of weaving works to set up your various fibers, or your hands in the kitchen, by using it alone. The choice is entirely up to you.

See if we can share this page on our page, let’s start by studying the little motif at the bottom to learn how to make this crochet  motif. First pull the chain and combine the ends of them and then fill the inside of the ring and the rings are formed in the same way by using a different colored yarn around this time and continue in this way.



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