Crochet Work Motif Making Explained – Very Stylish Knit Motif Making Explained

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Hello Ladies today is a very stylish for you crochet I will share it as. I will tell you Crochet construction With great Knitted shawl models You can do. Again woven chair fashion models you can make a bedclothes. Again, pretty good Mesh bag case You can do.

By changing the thickness of your rope lace motif You can do. Before you Square motif construction as, Round motif construction starting from many basic crochet motif models such as Crochet patterns motivated I told the topics. People who want to learn knitting and want to make crochet patternscrochet motifs and constructions He must learn a lot about the examples.

Because the vast majority of crochet models can be obtained by combining different patterns of motifs. Therefore, manymotif examples they must learn Mesh bag case I can use it while doing Knitted shawl models Should not we?

Crochet motif made with illustrations

Let’s start by telling you step by step how to make motifs with pictures.

Materials needed for making crochet motifs

  • Rope
  • Needle
  • Scissors

You need to know crochet knitting techniques

In this crochet pattern, Knitting motif construction we need to know for knitting techniques.

  • Chain Pulling
  • Double handrails
  • Lashing frequent needle
  • Rope picking (clitoris or fiber loops)
  • Loop execution

What do you say to go through the construction stages. I want to make the statement especially in color, there are some details in making the motif.

Crochet motif making
Crochet motif making

Each residence description is under the picture.

10 chain pull a ring. 24 on our ring Double handrails let’s do.

Crochet motif making

As you can see in the picture Our bilateral lenders I go to the top and not the top Double handrails let’s do.Every bran between 1 chain I will withdraw our convert existing apparatuses grow your ass.

Our double handrails Let’s take it from there and call our chaini have two draws.

Crochet motif making

Let’s change the color of our mind and repeat the same process. This time search our chain there will be three.

We are starting the filling process for each of these three spaces Double handrails let’s do.

Crochet motif making

After this is done, fold your motif as shown Our bilateral lenders we made directly to the bottom my double handrails I batala.

We are starting to pull the laces in this part and the abundance of your hand must always be the same.

Crochet motif making

12 threads and (cricket or as we make fiber) Let’s collect all of them.

When we gather our ropes together at once, the image will look like this. When we perform this operation in the lower row of pillars, tarabz advertisers Let’s put three pins on the needle frequently.

Frequent needle alt direct bush Composed of 12 rope our pıtıcığıIf you continue until the end of the sequence, this will be the pattern that eventually occurs.

Crochet motif making

Meanwhile, weighing three on chain pull out the next three my fingers two piece Frequent needle We will do it until the end of the line. Then change the color of the rope.

You can make a knit fiber from this area.

Search this line chain We will use the three chains we have drawn for 8 chain Please continue until the end of the order.

In this case, we will use 8 as the basis for our chains. First, pull the 1 chain Double handrails Let’s put our rope on the rope for the construction Double handrails Let’s start building.

Her Double handrails We will draw the chain 1 between. The last pair railing after a chain scale and base our chain I’m in the middle. Our bottom and bottom base chains are our Double handrails count from 6 to 8 dual trabzana To raise. Let’s continue this way until the end of the queue. Change our color.

We changed the color of our hopes and Double handrails We will continue with the construction. Again Our bilateral lenders not from the top but from behind Double trailer We will continue to do so.

Intermediate chain for the previous 8 pieces of side-by-side handrails in the middle instead of two chain Take three pieces. Because there will be a connection section with the other motif and on the other side two chain it will suffice.

Crochet motif making

10 pieces for intermediate small motifs chain pull out a small ring.

18 pieces on our ring Double handrails Let’s do it and change the color.

Crochet motif making

While adding your motifs, three chain we will use the long edges and the middle part that we take. This includes three chain the motive of ours is that we have 2 pieces chain Pull. Three side by side Frequent needle Structure.

2 pieces to sink into the middle part of our other motif chain pull out the motif to lock your middle motif.

Crochet motif making

The result is very nice when you add one of your motifs. In this way you can prepare your motifs in the colors of your children’s rooms weave bedspread models You can do. If you will do so cotton rope I will recommend using it.


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