Crochet a Beautiful Baby Dress

Knit-Embroidery-Tejer-Bordado 18 Aralık, 23:21'de eklendi

Today we are going to learn to crochet a beautiful baby dress. Even though the season might not be the most appropriate for these kinds of crochet items, since it is a bit cold outside – we believe that there is still plenty of room for you to try your yarn on dress projects like this one.

On top of that you may crochet this beautiful dress in Christmas colors. For example, this particular dress that you see on the photo is made from red and white yarn.

Toy may very well see that red and white colors give this dress some kind of a Christmasy look and your babies may rock them this winter at home even though it is a summer project in its essence. Take a look at let us know how it went.


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