Baby Bottle Making Explained – Baby Baby Bottle Making

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Hello ladies today Baby boat made in narrative We will share the story with you. This time for you Baby boots We worked on the topic. This eye-catching thing I see on a foreign website Baby boat construction I like it so much. I told you step by step with pictures.

We have prepared a red and gray boot pattern for this model that even our newcomers can easily do with easy to understand. You can also make models in navy – fusia, gray – orange, black – and – white tones.

Baby boots made in narrative

Crochet knitting techniques required for crochet baby boat construction

Friends who do not know crochet techniques but want to learn. Crochet knitting techniques Position.

You can also click on the following techniques to go to the related knitting lesson.

Crochet chain pull
Lashing frequent needle
Double handrails
The materials we need to make baby boots

Medium thickness rope
– Our 3,5
– 2 pcs (You can decide on the size) button. We wanted to use the big button.
– Needle
– our yarn


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